Individual service for manufacturers and operators of wind turbines for example.


1. Use of laser instruments.

 - Train train alignment
 - Align machines including evaluation and recommendations.

2. Assessment of parts and machine components (e.g. gear) by endoscopy.

3. Technical management of individual installations and Windparks.

4. Retrofitting of external components such as:

- Minor power filter systems 
- UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) 
- Automatic lubrication systems for gear rim lubrication.

5. Implementation and re-examination of maintenance and servicing.

6. Exchange of parts and machine components (e.g. gear, generator).

7. course Competent Person for PPE against fall according to BGG 906.


We like to explain more ways to use of the laser measurement technology in wind turbines. Please leave us your wishes and questions know like we advise you in detail !

How to reach us !

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